Saturday, July 21, 2012

Review - Boulevard de Beauté Crackling Nails

I don’t often buy strange never-heard-of-that-brand-before cosmetics at the grocery store of all places, but this time I figured that at half price (€ 3,50 at Zielpunkt) for five 8 ml bottles I could risk it. I blame the bright blue crackle polish, which caught my eyes.
The Boulevard de Beauté Crackling Nails kit contains a white crème ‘base coat,’ crackle polish in vibrant blue, deep red and black, plus a top coat.

First I tried out the top coat. The first test any top coat has to pass for me is how quick a coat on a fully dry mani dries (unless the TC has to be applied to wet polish, of course). Even cheapie top coats tend to be dry to the touch after five minutes, this one takes a good five minutes longer. I don’t ever use this kind of top coat on wet polish, as I don’t like sitting around for a couple of hours waiting for everything to dry, so I can’t tell you if it does anything to help your polish to dry through. I highly doubt it, though.
I compared this to essence btgn top sealer and essence gel-look top coat, both of which dry more quickly (especially btgn).
And holy cow, this TC stinks. I’m not terribly sensitive to chemical smells, but this is vile. The shine is alright and I like how runny it is. But overall you’ll be better off with any drugstore top coat, especially if your nose is sensitive.

The white ‘base coat’ polish is a plain, stark white crème. The opacity is average, three coats will do.
This is rather streaky and the brush is quite stiff and actually scrapes off part of the polish. This isn’t a particularly good white, but it could have been worse.

Here is the white in two coats without top coat:

And in three coats with top coat:

The three crackle polishes are pretty good, they contract and dry very quickly and are pigmented enough. The only real issue is the brush, it takes about four strokes to cover a nail and the brushes are stiff and wonky.

I’d say the kit was worth the 3,50 I paid. For anyone who loves crackle polish it may even be worth the 6,99. The top coat was a dud for me, the white is on the low end of average, but the crackles are decent. I really like the blue one, it’s nice and bright.
I wonder, am I the only one to think ‘bacon nail’ whenever I see that red-on white?

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