Thursday, July 5, 2012

Swatch - essie Dive Bar

I’m pretty sure I had this colour on my wishlist, but then it didn’t really strike me as all that special at the store. Colour me surprised when I picked it up randomly this week (BIPA has this BTGOF sale going on and nothing else gripped me that day). So purty.

essie Dive Bar has a blackened base with plenty of duochrome shimmer, mostly it just looks emerald/teal but can at times shift through rich blue to purple. Lovely and opaque in two coats.
I found this to be great to apply and was especially impressed by the barely noticeable brush marks. I’m sure the fairly chunky, flat brush with the rounded tip helped.
Highly recommended.

This is Dive Bar in two coats with top coat:

Pardon me while I pass out from the heat now. (I tell a lie, I’m working on my stash spreadsheet today. But the heat really is getting to me, that’s why the next post will probably be swatches too.)

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