Tuesday, September 11, 2012

31 Days: Day 11 - Denim Dots

It’s been one of those fail days again. I just kept failing at a polka dot mani I liked. Either the dots were badly aligned (to me “polka dots” should be evenly spaced on a diamond grid thing) or I smudged them.
In the end the first one I did yielded the most usable photo. Thus: a single image of a white base (s-he 115) with blue polka dots (Maybelline Forever Strong Pro 630 Dark Denim) before I applied top coat and smudged the whole thing.

Wish me luck, for tomorrow’s mani I’m going to try stamping, which I haven’t done in ages.


Cin said...

You're right about the dots' spacing. It took me a few manicures to figure out why my polka dots looked like crapola until I got that down. And yes, I HATE it when you get it all finished and then the stupid top coat smears the design.

cucumpear said...

It's great to know that happens to other people, too. *g*

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