Sunday, September 16, 2012

31 Days: Day 16 - Very Graphic and Meaningful

When I read ‘tribal print’ on the list my mind immediately jumped to an especially lovely Daria episode, Road Worrier. Why? Let me paste a snippet of the transcript I’m stealing from Outpost Daria:

Daria - Oh. (pause) Umm, nice tattoo. Tribal?
Trent - Maori. I copied it out of Tattoo World's international issue.
Daria - Very graphic, and meaningful.
Trent - Yeah, it makes a statement. You know what it is?
Daria (VO) - I got a tattoo out of a magazine?
Trent - I got a tattoo out of a magazine.
(both laugh)
Daria - I guess it's better than trying to copy one off the TV.

See, how could I have resisted doing a Trent-inspired manicure?

This is what I used:

  • essie rock solid
  • essie navigate her
  • black acrylic paint
  • essie good to go

First I applied two coats of rock solid, two of navigate her and one of good to go.

navigate her is a light, muted green crème with a strange balance, it doesn’t really look warm, despite clearly being yellowy. I’d call it a pale pistachio. Two medium thick coats are quite opaque, but upon further inspection I’d recommend three.
Like most essie polishes, navigate her applied very nicely, the second coat covered any streaks. The viscosity was spot-on for coverage and good levelling without pooling. I love the flat brush with the rounded tip.

This is navigate her in two coats with top coat:

Admittedly, putting the tattoos on a base colour that only kind of resembles Trent’s shirt is a bit odd, but as I said: inspired by Trent’s tattoos. :-D
I used black acrylic paint to add the tattoos and put on another coat of good to go.

Now pardon me while I have a moment of rage. This episode needed Everybody Hurts, the traffic jam scene makes no sense without that song. Darn understandable reasoning on MTV’s part.


Sallie Driscoll said...

omg daria! i thought of that episode too when i was seeing everyone else's posts

cucumpear said...

LOL I'm glad I wasn't the only one! :-D

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