Wednesday, September 19, 2012

31 Days: Day 19 - Got Milk?

Galaxy nails… the final frontier. Or something. I really didn’t feel like doing swirling galaxies and gleaming stars today, even though I love how them. I thought about somehow working in Talk Like a Pirate Day, but I don’t know many space pirates (except maybe YoSaffBridge, but she’s mostly a con artist). Hermione Granger and galaxies don’t work together, either.
And therefore I’m going to be a bit cheeky.

Galaxy Nails:

Got it?
I know there are many mythology buffs out there who totally got that. If you don’t: The creation of the milky way is part of the complex of myths surrounding the life of Heracles. Since the whole thing is an amalgamation of many local stories there are several variants. The one I first read as a teen told that when Heracles was an infant, he was exposed by his mother and Athena took him to Hera and asked her to nurse the hungry child (without telling her that it was Zeus’ bastard, of course). Hera agreed, she’s responsible for children after all, but Heracles bit her. When Hera pulled away her breast, milk sprayed across the sky and formed the milky way.
Wikipedia has different versions. Interestingly, there’s an Etruscan mirror with a variant of the scene engraved on the back: Uni nursing an adult Hercle in what is often interpreted to be an adoption rite.

As a side note ;-) the polish seen above is s-he 115 in two and three coats. It’s a completely average white crème.
And I definitely can’t cheat like that tomorrow, ‘cause how would I fake a water marble?

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