Saturday, September 29, 2012

31 Days: Day 29 - Lead, What Else?

I’m a pretty mundane girl. I don’t believe in magic, telekinesis, telepathy or precognition. However, I do enjoy Fantasy novels and the like, so I do have some favoured supernatural fandoms. None of them seemed right for a supernatural themed manicure, so instead I went in the historical direction.
Have you ever heard of curse tablets? Quite a lot of them have been found across the Greco-Roman world (including Etruria, of course). Not all defixiones are true curses, some are love spells or binding spells of some other kind. Typically they’re found buried, often in necropoleis and wells, written on lead and in some way distorted or pierced (nails to secure the spell). The contents range from ‘A offended me, punish them’ to ‘someone stole from me, punish them’ to ‘make B love me’ and so on, usually calling upon chthonic deities.
For this mani I applied some silvery polish, used a black liner to add the lettering and dabbed on some mystery glitter polish (review planned for next week) to add some faux corrosion.

In case you’re interested, I used the beginning of CIL II 462 for this.
What’s your supernatural vice?


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