Saturday, September 8, 2012

31 Days: Day 8 - Rusty

Today’s post is all-essence, strangely. Since today’s task is “metallic nails” I thought it would be nifty to use some of an old essence TE: Metallics. Swatches are right here. I know I didn’t excel at clean-up today. *sighs*

Here’s what I used:

essence btgn base sealer

essence Metallics TE 03 steel me

essence Metallics TE 01 iron goddess

essence Metallics TE 02 copper rulez!

essence btgn top sealer

For this manicure I applied the base sealer, then one coat of steel me. Next I stippled on iron goddess and copper rulez! with some cling film (plastic wrap or whatever you call it locally) and popped on a coat of top sealer.

I love how quick this was, metallic and foil polishes are often super pigmented and dry quickly. Non-grainy metallics need a smooth base, though. If you’re in a hurry a good foil is your best friend.
What’s your favourite metallic polish?

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