Saturday, June 8, 2013

Update-y update.

Though I usually post personal updates on my rambley blog, this does pertain to this one so here goes:

I feel... fine. I guess. Not awesome, but quite well. All of the things I've been doing to fix my brain, to turn myself into a reasonably happy and productive person are starting to pay off. I have motivation, and a good chunk of you can't imagine how weird that feels after years of "eh." It remains difficult to break through old behavioural patterns, but I now feel that it can be done.
Recently I haven't done much nail art, because I just stopped wibbling and got myself a bass guitar. I pretty much stick to basic exercises and am figuring out open string muting, but I also practise If I Fell (which is one of my favourite Beatles songs and pretty easy). It's a bit of a surprise that I'm dealing well with having to completely nubbinise my picking fingers' nails. *g* Eight pink shorties, two matte black nubbins.
In further musical news I'm back in choir. I hadn't even realised how much I missed that until my best friend was in town and we spontaneously popped in to say hi and stayed for practise.

Will I come back to blogging? Maybe, but to be honest, I'm glad I stopped when I did. It was getting too easy to justify purchases, even when I already had almost identical polishes. Writing was becoming a chore when it should have been fun. I do sometimes feel the spark, the impulse to do something ridiculous with my nails and then write about it.
Blogging helped me get through some of my darkest times. Every single comment helped. Thank you.

Random thing to end this cheerfully: I'm always so late to discover every amazing TV show ('cause I barely watch anything any more), but really: Adventure Time. o.O So awesome.


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