About Me

Hi there, folks.

Let me introduce myself: I shall be known as CucumPear, feel free to call me that or Pear (or Amira, since that's my name, yo!). There's no story behind that nick, I just liked the sound.

A few basics about me:

  • I'm painfully shy, extremely introverted and often insecure. I frequently hesitate to join conversations, so please don't be upset if I don't communicate as extensively as other people. On some days I'm literally unable to speak up, even online, on other days I have reached a strange socialising limit. This doesn't mean that I don't appreciate every single one of my readers and blogging friends.
  • Currently I'm a student, I'm a bit old to still be in University, but this is what's right for me at this point and I'm happy learning about Ancient History, specifically Etruscology and Epigraphy. Feel free to ask me stuff!
  • Like most people I have a bunch of hobbies. I love reading, make-up and nail polish, another passion is baking. I generally enjoy creating things, like knitting or spinning and even the occasion bit of woodworking (which I'm not that great at). And then there's music of course.
  • I'm a very fair-skinned - my winter skin is paler then MAC's NW15 and I barely reach NW20 in summer - green-eyed brunette. I prefer to wear dark and jewel colours, but can also be seen in retina-searing brights on occasion.

I started playing with cheap lipsticks and other cosmetics when I was in my early teens, like many other girls. But neither my mother nor big sister used any make-up, and my friends didn't either. So it was all trial and error for me. At one point I got a couple of books, which were semi-helpful. These past few years my skills have improved immensely thanks to practice, quality products and beauty blogs.

Why did I start this blog? Sometimes I just have to chatter about a skincare crisis or an amazing product I just discovered and I don't have anyone in real life who is genuinely interested in that kind of thing.

Originally I intended "CucumPear's Pandemonium of Cosmetics" to be a general beauty blog, but somehow it turned into a almost pure nail polish blog, so it has now been renamed "Onxy Phlanx." I don't do a lot of new release coverage or collection swatches, instead I blog about layering, freehand nail art and Konad designs. If anything non-naily comes up I will still post it, though.
Thanks to polish e-tailers I use many brands that are available internationally, but I also use local brands like s-he or essence that may not be available everywhere.

A final warning: English is not my first language. I usually aim for a British spelling, but AE has a tendency to invade. I appreciate correction of my spelling and grammar, I don't appreciate flaming and mudslinging.

Have fun, play safely and happy painting!
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