It is not my aim to make money with my blogs. Should I receive free samples to review I will be as honest as I am about products I have purchased myself. My opinion is not for sale.

Unless I state otherwise I have purchased the products I use myself or have received them as gifts by close friends or family. Should I be sent anything to review for free, I will clearly state that fact.

I take all photos on my beauty blog myself, as you can tell by the awesome quality. This means that they belong to me, as do the backgrounds and userpics/avatars. In the footer of this blog you will find a Creative Commons link which can tell you everything you need to know about how you may use my images. My Picasa and Flickr accounts also have such links. If you're not sure if your intended use of my photos is appropriate or if you wish to use them differently, please ask me. What would be more unpleasant than to see your body make money for other people?

If I ever post pictures that are not mine I will mark them appropriately, with the exception of images that were created for the purpose of tags, awards or badges. I sometimes embed videos in my personal blog. These obviously don't belong to me.

Please remember:
Cosmetics work differently for different people. If a product works well for me it might still cause break-outs or other problems on others.
Always use products that suit your skin, hair or nail type. When in doubt, ask for samples.
I'm usually happy to answer questions, but remember that your favourite search engine will usually yield results in a few seconds.
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